Hydrotherapy Pool and Aqua Yoga

Our Hydrotherapy Pool includes 2 x Underwater Treadmills and Swim Jets which enables a wide range of water based training. Exercising in water can reduce stress on joints by up to 50% so it can be a great way to train whilst recovering from injury or if you have long term joint issues.

We also have some auxiliary equipment including pool noodles, foam dumbells, resistance bands that can be incorporated into your workouts!

The pool is heated between 28 and 30 degrees and shower facilities are available on site.

Our All Inclusive Membership includes one session per week in the hydro pool. You can also purchase 5 Pool Pass for $50 if you'd like to utilise the facility more frequently or on a casual basis.


Aqua Yoga is a natural development of the various yoga forms.

It is a great way to experience the many benefits of yoga. The feeling of weightlessness in the water helps the body to more easily release tension and stress, as well as to get in touch with the body in a soft way.


•The weightlessness of the water helps the muscles to relax.

•Gentle for the joints.

•An even compression and containment of water increases body awareness.

•Strengthens the pelvic floor and the deep abdominal muscles.

•Everyone can participate regardless of previous experience of yoga or exercise.

The Hydro Pool is currently bookable at reception or on 5446 5126.


Ozfitness coolum hydro pool
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