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Class Descriptions



Pilates is designed to strengthen your body and posture from the inside out using controlled movements and breathing.

Box Fit

Box Fit is a great calorie burning, high intensity workout. Using gloves and focus pads you will get mean and get lean!
Box Fit
Cycle Classes

Cycle Classes

Cycle classes are the go to class for a high calorie burn and tone for your legs. With a mix of intense efforts and great music, these classes guarantee results.

Fat Burner Classes

Great for cardio fitness and giving the legs and butt a great workout. The step adds intensity and the great music make this a super fun class.
Fat Burner classes
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Strong Life

This class is designed for people over 50 looking to develop strength, aerobic fitness, maintain bone density and balance. It incorporates resistance machines, cardio machines, mobility & balance exercises in a supervised class.

Power Bar

Power Bar is the ultimate full-body workout that uses a full range of barbell exercises to great music. Great for developing lean muscle and athletic physiques.
Power bar classes
High Intensity Interval Training


High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) is proven to give you fast results for your efforts. High intensity efforts are followed by short recovery periods. Uses a huge variety of equipment and and no two classes will be the same.

Core Classes

Core class is specifically designed to work the muscles that support and stabilise our bodies. Class includes floor based exercises and equipment including balls, bands and weights.
Core stengthening classes


Yoga has many incredible benefits including mental and physical strength, flexibility, mobility, clarity and calm-ness. A regular Yoga practice can help you live a purposeful, connected and contented life.

Hatha Yoga - is a series of asanas to improve flexibility, focus, strength and alignment.

Vinyasa Yoga - is a flowing practice linking the breath, body, mind and movement leading to mental stillness.

Vin Yin - is a yin-yang class building heat through flow, followed by long holds and deep stretching.

Power Yoga - is a strong dynamic vinyasa practice

SUP Yoga - combines Yoga and Stand Up Paddle-Boarding.
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