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David Barnes

Dave Barnes

Gym Manager / Instructor / Personal Trainer
Fitness and Sport has been my lifetime passion and I have worked in the Health and Fitness Industry for 20 years as a PT, Group Instructor, Fitness Manager and Fitness Lecturer.

I have a degree in Exercise Science and am a certified Level 2 Kettlebell Instructor, and Cycling Instructor. I have competed as an athlete in AFL and Rugby Union and enjoy outdoor pursuits including running, snowboarding and mountain biking.

I am passionate about Oz Fitness and what we have on offer and strive to make sure that everyone who trains at Oz Fitness has a great experience and gets the results they are looking for.

I teach the Boxing and HIIT classes and am available for PT sessions and can help with long term training plans. If you need any help or have any questions about our services, please contact me today!

Sonya Sachse

Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer
Where do I start….. well I have been a gym junkie since the early 90’s when my home town Deloraine (Tas) opened up a little gym. Step was my favorite class back then and still is to this day!!

I was always that member in the front row who, if the instructor would let me, would be on stage with them!! After I got married, had 2 kids and decided to get into shape again the owner of an awesome gym, PYCSAM in Launceston - Stephen Sweeney, asked me to train in SPIN - I said HELL YES!!!!

I loved it!!!! I loved teaching people, helping them get fitter & healthier whilst having FUN!!!!! I was hooked. So I have been instructing for years now and my passion is continuing to grow each time I take a class. I’m trained in X55(STEP), SPIN, YOGA, BODYPUMP, BODYATTACK, GLIDE, BOXING and HIIT classes. I am also a qualified Personal Trainer.

I am a Tassie girl, an easy going and fun loving person. I’ve been married for 10 years and have 2 awesome (most of the time) kids!! I love, love, love music and how a great song can motivate you to do almost anything!! I reckon I will be still instructing until I’m old and grey, especially when I have good food & wine too.
Sonya Sachse
Theresa DeBono

Thereza De Bono

Group Fitness Instructor / Personal Trainer
I live and breathe Group Fitness!
  • Passionate about all things Fitness!
  • Love my family and Friends!
  • Grateful everyday!
  • Spin class
  • Freestyle Group Fitness
  • Les Mills RPM instructor
  • Certificate 3 In Fitness.
  • Currently studying Cert 4 In Fitness to become Personal Trainer.
  • Also work full time at FIT College as a Careers advisor.
  • My dreams be bigger than my fears
  • My actions speak louder than my words
  • Love all day every day!

Michelle Weiss

Pilates Instructor
Hi everyone, my name is Michelle & I am passionate about Pilates.

I love that Pilates can benefit everybody. I love what it does for our bodies and the mind too! It sets up a solid foundation for everything we do physically.

I have kept fit and healthy my entire life always being active in a gym, owning and running one and loving the outdoors walking, running, paddling canoes and SUP boards and more recently discovering the true benefits of Pilates &and getting a little obsessed! So I decided to get qualified so I can teach.

If I had have known years ago what I know now, I would have had less pain and injury and that’s what I enjoy about teaching Pilates.

I moved to the Sunshine Coast with my Hubby and 2 kids 7 years ago and we haven’t looked back. It’s just paradise.
Kayla McDonald

Kayla McDonald

Yoga Instructor / Health & Wellness Guru
I took my first yoga class in 2013 after hitting rock bottom with my health, mindset and relationships. I like to think that the practise found me as much as I found it. I couldn’t touch my toes, everything hurt, I felt absolutely ridiculous for even being in the class yet I fell in love with how Yoga made me feel and knew this was a gift I had to share with the world.

The practise of Yoga has literally saved my life, helped me step into my truth and continuously guides me back to my real, authentic state of being. I live and breathe what I teach and hope to inspire you to find your rhythm and flow in life, with the guidance of a daily Yoga, Mindfulness and Meditation practise. My wish for you is that you too can find peace and serenity in all areas of your life.

Frida Sethman

Yoga & SUP Yoga Instructor
Swedish, that’s me.  Residing in Australia since 4 years back with my partner. Love yoga as my lifestyle and all that comes with it!

A background of graduating from a dance academy, being a dancer/teacher for about 10 years.

Lived in NY for further dance studies but also where I found the joy of taking yoga into my everyday life. Deepening my yoga practice and also taking my first steps towards teaching happened in Australia, when I took my teacher training (RYTA350).

I was one of the few first of bringing SUP YOGA to Sweden 2013. I’m now teaching SUP Yoga & Yoga classes here at Oz Fitness.

I’m on a lifelong mission to explore this wonderful practice that has brought me so much joy.

My intention to provide a space for individuals at any place in their path to explore the impact that movement and breath can have on personal growth, inner and outer strength and the deep work of.. self-LOVE!
Ebony English

Ebony English

Creche Coordinator
I have always loved training and being fit, you will see me sweating it out with you all in our classes.

I run the Oz Fitness creche and make sure all the kids are comfortable, safe and have lots of fun activities to do while you train!

My little boy Hunter is usually with me at work and we both love craft, music, having fun and playing games.

We are open Monday to Friday 9:00am – 11:15 am.

Breanna Mann

Yoga Instructor / Gym Assistant
Sharing the wisdom of Yoga & Meditation is my greatest honour and one of my greatest joys. I began practicing Yoga sporadically in 2012 and developed a regular practice of Restorative Yoga for 2014-2016 after suffering from burn out.

I noticed that every single time I got onto the mat a wave of relief would wash over me and I would leave transformed – my breathing would feel calm and even, my energy would feel uplifted, my body would feel restored, my mind would feel serene, I would feel completely alive.

In 2017 I relocated to the Sunshine Coast to study my Yoga Teacher Training. Those six months were the most transformative of my life, in large part to my consistent meditation practice – I healed pain preventing me from moving forward, I learnt how to calm my mind, I returned to play & joy and I remembered how to JUST BE.

I have received an incredible amount of wisdom from the tradition of Yoga that has enabled me to transform on and off the mat and it is this wisdom that I feel honoured to impart. I believe that if you allow it to be, your yoga & meditation practice can be a powerful place of self-compassion and transformation beyond the mat.
Breanna Mann
James Green

James Green

Massage Therapy & Athlete Preparation Services
James Green is a Professional Massage Therapist and Sports Trainer with over 20 years experience with elite athletes and sporting teams.

Commencing his career with the Australian Institute of Sport, James has worked in over 35 countries in multiple of sporting disciplines, including USA and Australian Cycling, Swimming, Triathlon, Cricket, plus sporting teams such as Sydney Swans, Newcastle Jets, Sydney Swifts and Newcastle Knights.

In addition, James has been an official medical member for 3 Olympic games and various other international sporting events such as Cycling World Championship.

Over the course of his career James has worked alongside world leading Doctors, Physiotherapists and other Allied Health professionals, focusing his skills on injury prevention, recovery and facilitating optimal performance.

James uses both traditional and innovative methods to assist the body in healing itself and enhance the body to obtain optimal health and wellness.

Specialises in: Sports Massage, Remedial Massage, Myotherapy, Mysofascial Dry Needling, Sports Taping and Bracing, Athletic Training, Game Day & Recovery Services.
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